Every Increased Possession Loads Us with New Weariness is a public sculpture for Ruskin Square in Croydon that reverses the supply chains of the development; unmaking the building and remaking into an artificial mineral of steel, concrete, glass, aluminium, copper, cast iron and Caithness stone.

Ruskin Square is a large scale development near East-Croydon station. A steel girder was taken from the building and sent back to the factory (Hare in Bury, near Manchester) where workers were asked to un-make the product they normally make. Similar for the aluminium window frames, copper pipes, cast iron drain pipes, concrete tiles, glass window panels and Caithness stone. Within the existing supply chains of the building, these materials were transformed (cast / shaped / laminated … ) into rock or crystal shapes to return to the square as an ‘artificial mineral’.

Commissioned by muf architecture/art and Stanhope Schroders.

Thanks to Gary Simmons, David Kay and Callum Slater at William Hare (steel), John Wilson and Simon Higgins at Saint-Gobain PAM UK (cast iron), John Sutherland at Spittal Mains Quarry (Caithness), Luke at London Concrete, Jeff Rogers at Mueller Industries (copper), Marcel Damen at Scheldebouw (aluminium), David Lopez, Carlos LLaguno and Roberto Arias at Tvitec (glass.)

Thanks also to James, Pod and Charlie at Flux Metal, Ian at Windsor Workshop, Matt Durran and to Rory Hooper.