The stewardess just told you about the oxygen mask, the life vest and the brace position. You’re in an aeroplane and you believe her, you think these things will save your life. But they can’t. The only thing the brace position can do for you is preserve your dental records in case of a crash. It keeps your teeth close to your seat number and makes identification easier for the forensic team. In an aeroplane, you are totally out of control.

Larry’s Pillow puts you back in control. In case of an emergency, it helps you to take the brace position and straps you up securely. If you then choose to pull the tag, the pillow will inflate and suffocate you. With that choice comes control. You’re in control over life and death. You are in control.

As the sense of losing all control not only exists in aeroplanes, in development are pillows designed for the office and domestic environment. For stockbrokers, board-members, housewives and teenagers.