May the Fox Take You is guided by a text assembled from idioms, curses and blessings loosely translated from a language that is almost extinct. The film travels through a field of mustard, within the cavities and digestive fluids of carnivorous plants, to a moth that looks like twin snakes nodding in the wind. A robot dog is being kicked, a dancer is rehearsing a choreography taken from a pogo dance tutorial.

The soundscape is composed of recorded drum beats which are electronically rearranged, overlaid with strings formed by machine learning models.

*View the work on Somerset House Channel

Commissioned by Somerset House in collaboration with UAL Creative Computing Institute

Studio Producer: Alex Paveley
Dancer: Lewis Walker
Drums: Alex Paveley
Sound mixing: Harry Murdoch

Many thanks to:
Sebastian Buerkner, Sophie Hunter, Tommie Introna, Louise Jesi, Laurent John, Murad Khan, Harry Leek, MTC Liverpool, Thomas Reynolds, Matt Soper, Eva Verhoeven, Daniel Watson.