Mythologies are a way for a society to define where it is coming from and where it is heading.
Nanotechnology has reached beyond science inspiring a wide range of contemporary mythologies; from paranoid Grey goo scenarios to utopian immortality fantasies, our perception of science embodies our fears and hopes of the future.

Based on the Raelian movement’s religious belief in nanotechnology, this film presents a fragment of a future in which nano-systems take care of all of our material and physical needs.

Work becomes redundant; like animals who no longer have to hunt, humans will perform the technological equivalent of social grooming and nitpicking. New daily rituals will evolve around a growing devotion to love, religion and medical body maintenance.

The film revolves around three objects:

The Parasites: organic machines which insert medication into the bloodstream, their application encourages social interaction.
The Infector: a tool for intentional contamination assists in providing occupation.
The Slow Drip: a device used to prolong the duration of the treatment to a maximum, filling the now long, empty days.