The woods, wild and mysterious from afar, appear as a stage on which every element is considered. Artificially sustained plants are hanging from the trees, embedded in the ecology yet detached from it. Their scaffolding of gleaming metal and infrared lights sway in the wind, waiting.

Grey wolves approach the structures during the night to scratch their body on the steel branches. In an intricate arrangement of devised symbiosis, the contraption takes on the role of host organism. The wolf’s movements generate electricity for the system. Infrared surveillance cameras capture the wolf’s presence, adorned in invisible garlands of electric display, to transmit around the globe for the enjoyment by those whose passion for the spectacle of wilderness sustain its survival.

> Commissioned by Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Supported by The Physics and Astronomy Machine Shop and The Bridge Residency, Electronic Art and Intermedia, Michigan State University.

> Thanks to Rory Hooper, Rachel Allen, Dylan Wahl, Charlie Evans, Hannah Fasching, Alba Folque, Ruben Castro, Claudia Rosete.