The Odds (Part 1) brings together racehorses anaesthetised with ketamine in a “knockdown box”, showgirls from a casino in Macau owned by the world’s biggest political donor, and Steve Ignorant, from anarcho-punk band Crass, performing in a bingo hall originally built as a cinema designed to look like a church. Produced specifically for a large LED screen, the footage is overlaid with pulsating light formations inspired by Las Vegas techniques of visual seduction.

Commissioned by Stanley Picker Gallery, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Walker Art Center and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Photos 1-3 by Lewis Roland.
Many thanks to Naomi Esser, David Falkner, Hannah Fasching, Yasmin Hepburn, Lily Mccraith, Alex Paveley, Lucia Pietroiusti, Elizabeth Price, Georgina Rae, Jan Wade, Steve Williams.