• The Drowned World

    Trapped in the Dream of the Other is screened at the Toronto Biennial of Art as part of The Drowned World, film programme curated by Charles Stankievech at the Cinesphere.

  • Spit on the Carpet

    Artist talk as part of the Arguments Lecture Series, 11:30 at Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall, Columbia University New York.

  • conversation

    A conversation with Elizabeth Price and Filipa Ramos tonight at 6pm at Stanley Picker Gallery.

  • Luna Eclipse, Oasis Dream

    Our solo show Luna Eclipse, Oasis Dream opens in Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston until 13 July.

  • interview

    Trigger interview in this week’s H_Art Magazine

  • Transpersonal, Instructions

    Group show with Oreet Ashery, Eisa Jocson, The Karrabing Film Collective, Evelyn Toacheng Wang and others at Vargas Museum in Manila, until 1st February.

  • Mu.Zee

    Our solo show Trapped in the Dream of the Other is on at Mu.Zee, Ostend until 24.3.19

  • screening

    As part of the General Ecology project, and on the occasion of Pierre Huyghe’s exhibition, Trapped in the Dream of the Other is screened in a programme of artists’ films addressing machines, infrastructure and its impact on the biosphere and landscapes.

  • The Work of Wind: Land

    Eva Wilson’s text about our work appears in The Work of Wind: Land, published by K.Verlag.

  • Congo Stars

    Trapped in the Dream of the Other is shown at Congo Stars, curated by Sammy Baloji, Bambi Ceuppens, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Günther Holler-Schuster and Barbara Steiner, opening 22.09 at Kunsthaus Graz and 09.03 at Kunsthalle Tübingen.

  • Let the games

    A new text is published by due today

  • Synthetic Blood on Leopard Skin

    Artist text published in the Empire Remains Shop book by Cooking Sections, the London book launch is at the showroom at 18:30

  • Revised Verse

    The transcript of our performance of socialist poetry for a bingo caller is published in Austrian Illuminations, edited by SJ Fowler

  • Unthought Environments

    Avant Tout, Discipline and B/NdAlTaAu are exhibited in Unthought Environments at the Renaissance society Chicago until 8 April

  • Exploitation

    Artist talk at Beursschouwburg, Brussels, 17.00

  • Podcast

    An interview with Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau for the Bad Vibes Club podcast

  • White Horse / Twin Horse

    White Horse / Twin Horse, a solo show in five rehearsals opens at de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam until 28 January

  • Text

    Recent works discussed on ‘From Trash to Waste’ by Yvonne Volkert on Texte Zur Kunst, Issue no.108

  • Stream

    Life Support is featured on the cover of the new PCA-Stream, Paris

  • Verschwindende Vermächtnisse

    Bird of paradise neons commissioned for Verschwindende Vermächtnisse: Die Welt als Wald, at CeNak Hamburg

  • Review

    ‘Avant Tout, Discipline’ Reviewed by Jorne Vriens in Metropolis M No 5, 2017

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